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Y6 Transition

This week, a selection of activities will be added in order to prepare our Y6 children for secondary school. The tasks will focus on learning about their new school, preparing for change and dealing with any worries. As well as completing the activities we recommend discussions around the topics. 
Transition booklet includes: Facts about me, current and new school details, skills and qualities, coping with change & questions I could ask

Find out more about your new school - the school websites are packed with information and may answer some questions you have.


Branston Community Academy -

Priory Pembroke -

Priory LSST -

Queen Elizabeth Grammar Horncastle -


Change of any sort is always tricky no matter what your age. Remember to try and think of the possible positive outcomes.
When things are different and tricky, it is important that you know who you can speak to to relieve some worries or stresses. 
One change that we want to consider is organising ourselves for the separate subjects that are taught at secondary school. This activities considers whether this is an area for improvement. 
Peers and friendships are often a worry for year 6's when they advance to secondary school. These activities focus on influences and pressures. The children will use their decision making skills to decide which situation is sensible.  

Parent support

Transition can be a tricky time for all, including parents, especially if this your first child moving to secondary school. Below is a document with ideas of ways to support your child to aim to reduce any anxieties or nervousness smiley

Communication with secondary schools


It has been possible to arrange video calls with all of the secondary schools that our Y6 pupils will be moving to. Some will take place in school with all pupils present. However, a separate email will be sent to parents if this call will take place out of school hours. These video calls will be made available for children who are homeschooling too. It will be a great time to ask questions.


If you do have a question at any time regarding the transition process, please don't hesitate to get in touch yes