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Weekly Home Learning Challenges

Friday 23rd October 2020

Half Term Learning

The children have worked so hard in their first term at school and we are so, so proud of their achievements. We have such creative, independent and kind children in Barley class! Thank you for all of your help and support this term. We have sent home a new reading book for the week along with our Phase 2 phonics booklet. We would love it if your could continue reading at home but also take some time and have a break. There are other resources on our main class page if you wish to do other activities and we always love to see what you are up to on Tapestry. 


Have a lovely week.

Mrs Brown and Mrs Garraghty



Friday 16th October 2020

Making Memories and Understanding What We Read!

To help at home this week, can you continue reading your reading books and encourage storytelling? Can you talk about the beginning of the story, what is happening, who the characters are and what could happen next? Can you identify the middle and ending of the story. How were the characters feeling? Did this change throughout the story? Are there different words which you can use to describe how they are feeling, for example, sad, upset, disappointed, disheartened? Can you apply these questions to any of your books at home?

This week we have also been talking about significant memories that we have. We have applied this to significant events, for example, starting school or world events like the recent space rocket launch. Have you got any significant events at home which are special to you as a family? Can you talk about them at home and share why they are special? How do they make you feel when you remember or reminisce about them? We are going to share our events next week and t would be lovely to share any photos on Tapestry to support our conversation. If you have any photos from these events, please feel free to add them!

Friday 9th October 2020
Funky Fingers
This week we have continued to develop our fine motor skills with our fingers. The children have amazed us with their peg creations- thank you, and have loved continuing their peg inventions in school. We are working very hard at developing our independent skills to open different materials and packets. We have taught the children to hold a packet (for example, a snack bar) with their pincer fingers (thumb and finger) and pull in different directions to open something. It has been amazing to see the pride on their faces after being a 'Go for it Gorilla' or 'Persevering Parrot' by opening it themselves. To practise this at home this week, can you practise opening packets or tearing materials? This could be to shred some old paperwork, newspapers or thin cardboard for recycling! We would love to see your learning on Tapestry!
Gross Motor Skills 
This week we have also loved using the bikes and trikes! If you are busy at the weekend doing any bike riding, playing on scooters, climbing or dancing, we would love to see on Tapestry to share examples of us using our gross motor skills and co-ordination at home and in school!
Reading Books 
We are so proud of the children's reading and their eagerness to blend! They have amazed us by reading their reading books in school and have been so excited to spot graphemes that they recognise in their books or in and around the classroom. Thank you so much for reading everyday, it really is making such a huge impact already!
Friday 2nd October 2020
Fine Motor Fun - Peg Activity 
This week we have been working hard on our fine motor skills. For our home learning this week we thought we would set a fine motor skill challenge! We have been using the pegs in our classroom to invent and construct! We have made different forms of transport, bridges and dens!
Have you got any pegs at home? How many ways can you use them? Can you help peg the washing out for your grown up? Can you use your pincer fingers and put some pegs onto different objects? Can you make something out of pegs? We would love to see your learning on Tapestry!

Friday 25th September 2020
Blending Away and Creative Inventions!
This week we have been amazed by the children's blending skills. We have been recognising the graphemes i, n, m and d, then saying their phonemes. We are starting to blend words including our High Frequency words: as, at, sat, it, is, in, dad and and. We are also working hard to read non-decodable words I and to! 
Can you have a go at blending at home? Can you have a try at blending the words in your comic? Can you blend to read the High Frequency Words?
Next week we are also looking at how to plan and build inventions with everyday objects! Can you find any gadgets or gizmos at home that you use at home? What do they do? Why do you think they were invented? Can you talk about them together and use the vocabulary: gadgets, gizmos and machines?

Friday 18th September 2020
Grapheme Detectives
This week we have been busy learning our first set of graphemes (written letters) and saying the phonemes (sounds) which match them! We have been amazed by the children's recognition and we have used our detective skills to find them in books and to blend simple words too! This week, can you find objects in your home that begin with s, a, t and p? Can you use your robot voices to say the words? Can you have a go at blending some simple words with these letters (as, at, pat, sat, tap)? Can you have a go at using air writing (with your finger) or mark making with writing materials to write the letters? Use the rhyme sheet below to help!

Friday 11th September 2020

All About Rhyme! 


This week in Phonics we are starting to learn new grapheme-phoneme correspondences alongside practising our rhyming! We are learning rhymes, creating actions for rhymes, changing rhymes and spotting the odd one out! Can you have a go at home this week? The resources below can give you some ideas of games you can play. Please don't feel that you need to print them but take inspiration from them.


If you have a go, I would love to see. Post your learning on Tapestry!


Also, can you have a go at writing your name at home?