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w/b 29.06.20

If possible, we would really like everyone to try to complete the Maths and English throughout the week; any additional would be great, but only do what you can.




Friday Challenge

Year 5 Worksheets

Some of the questions for Lesson 1 and 2 require a protractor; a pile of protractors have been cleaned and placed in the school entrance for you to borrow.

Year 5 Answers

Year 6

You may have already completed the learning White Rose has set for this week. Below is their suggested ‘Alternative Lessons’. We apologise for any confusion this may cause.

Year 6 Worksheets

Year 6 Answers



Please remember to keep reading regularly. You can also still listen to a selection of stories for free on Audible. We would really like you to post recommendations and reviews on our Reading Padlet Page (Password- hlmil):


Please read and answer the questions about the comprehension text below, following the APE process:

- Answer

- Prove

- Explain 


This week, we are going to be revising three different skills. For each skill, you will find a teaching input, a task and a challenge. We suggest making notes about each skill before completing the task; you may even want to make a poster or PowerPoint about them. Once you have mastered all of the skills, we would then like you to apply them all to the writing task.


Skill 1 – Expanded Noun Phrases

1. View the PowerPoint to revise expanded noun phrases:

2. Identify the expanded noun phrases in the task below:

3. As a challenge, try to include expanded noun phrases in your writing by completing the task below. We recommend using the help sheet as a prompt.

Skill 2 – Parenthesis

1. Watch the videos about parenthesis. You may want to have a go at the online quiz on Bitesize too:

2. Complete the parenthesis task:

3. Complete the parenthesis challenge:

Skill 3- Hyphens

1. View the PowerPoint to revise how to use hyphens correctly:

2. Complete the task below by adding the missing hyphens:
3. Now try the hyphen challenge:

Writing Task

Click the link below to watch the video of The Alchemist’s Letter:

Your writing task is to retell the story of The Alchemist’s Letter. You will need to watch the video a few times. Below is a document containing pictures from the video to help you to remember the plot:

A WAGOLL has also been created to give you an example of how you can include the three skills you have been practising this week:


Continue to work on your 10 personal 3/4 or 5/6 spelling words. Make sure you try to use the spelling words in a sentence too! 

Spelling rules learning-

1. Click the link to Spelling Frame and then on the Year 5/6 tab;

2. Look at Spelling Rules 50 – Homophones (3 of 5);

3. Click 'View the Words', so you can practice the list of this week's focus words;

4. Play the 'Spelling Tiles' game;

5. At the end of the week, test yourself on the spelling pattern by using the 'Practice/Test' button.


Complete the task below in your neatest, cursive handwriting:

Topic - Science

This week, we are continuing to focus on life processes, specifically plant reproduction. Please watch the videos below - it may be a good idea to take notes. 

After watching the videos, can you order these images into a life cycle? Remember to add your arrows too, to show the cycle repeating over time. 

Once you have organised and checked the images, can you create your own storyboard to share with others?

An example has been given below. This task can combine your story telling skills as well as your Art skills too. Enjoy smiley 


*ICT alternative* - If you would prefer to create a Powerpoint instead, then use your notes to transform them into an informative presentation! 

Checking your knowledge - Using the link below, complete the quiz about plant reproduction. 


1 - 4 Try again (can you get more than 5 next time?) 

5 - 7 Great knowledge

8 - 9 Incredible understanding

10 Expert scientist 


This week, we are introducing another set of songs to listen to and appraise. There is a chance to learn key facts about the band, The Beatles, as well as learn the inner details of the song titled, Blackbird. In previous weeks, lots of children have already shared their musical talents on Zoom calls as well as upload their music skills to Padlet. We can't wait to see what you produce this week.


Below is a step by step guide to using Charanga (Zumu package).

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3