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w/b 06.07.20

If possible, we would really like everyone to try to complete the maths and English throughout the week; any additional would be great, but only do what you can.



Year 5 Videos

Year 5 Worksheets

Year 5 Answers

Year 6

You may have already completed the learning White Rose has set for this week. Below is their suggested ‘Alternative Lessons’. We apologise for any confusion this may cause.

Year 6 Worksheets

Year 6 Answers


This week, our focus is newspaper reports.



Please remember to keep reading regularly. You can also still listen to a selection of stories for free on Audible. We would really like you to post recommendations and reviews on our Reading Padlet Page (Password- hlmil):


Please read and answer the questions about the comprehension text below, following the APE process:

- Answer

- Prove

- Explain 


This week, we are going to be revising three different skills. For each skill, you will find a teaching input, a task and a challenge. We suggest making notes about each skill before completing the task; you may even want to make a poster or PowerPoint about them. Once you have mastered all of the skills, we would then like you to apply them all to the writing task.


Skill 1 – Relative Clauses

1. Watch the video about relative clauses, and have a go at the quiz:

2. Answer the questions from the relative clause task:

3. Now try the relative clause challenge:

Skill 2 –Modal Verbs

1. View the PowerPoint about modal verbs:

2. Complete the modal verbs task:
3. For the challenge, imagine you are stranded on a deserted island. You must try to keep as many items on the cards as possible. To do this, compose a sentence which provides a use for the item, ensuring each sentence contains a modal verb.

Skill 3 – Semi-colons

1. Watch the video about using semi-colons to mark the boundaries between clauses:

2. Identify where the missing semi-colons should be:
3. Now try to complete the puzzle for the semicolon challenge:

Writing Task

Click the link below to watch the video of The Rocketeer:

Your writing task is to write a newspaper report detailing how The Rocketeer managed to save the day. A WAGOLL has been created to give you an example of how you can include the skills you have been practising in this piece of writing. (The reading comprehension text is another example of this genre).


Spelling rules learning-

1. Click the link to Spelling Frame and then on the Year 5/6 tab;

2. Look at Spelling Rules 51 – Homophones (4 of 5);

3. Click 'View the Words', so you can practice the list of this week's focus words;

4. Play the 'Spelling Tiles' game;

5. At the end of the week, test yourself on the spelling pattern by using the 'Practice/Test' button.


Complete the task below in your neatest, cursive handwriting:

PSHE / PE - Staying healthy 


This week it's time to focus on your health - both physical and mental. 

In this unique time, it is important to continue to keep as healthy as possible ; you will explore how we can do this and try out many different ways to ensure our body and mind are given the attention that they deserve. 

Staying physically healthy can involve a number of things. By using the resources given (video and facts), summarise what can make your body healthy. When you are recording your information, think about the layout - could it be written as a non chronological report information sheet? How about a recipe for success? Or maybe even a short story about a healthy boy or girl? 

If you're aiming higher, you may aim to apply your knowledge of this week's SPaG skills - relative clauses, modal verbs and semi colons. 

Continuing our thoughts about keeping healthy, it's time for a game (similar to dominoes).

Using your current knowledge, anything you have learnt from the previous task, and internet research, can you link all of the statements to the answers? When you are finished, you could upload to the Padlet page to help other children  yeslaugh

One way to ensure we stay healthy is to exercise on a regular basis. Here is one way that we can make it fun and unique. Use your name to create your own exercise circuit! If that is too easy then why not add on your surname too?! Once you get used to doing the exercises, you could try this more often.... what about every other day? Good luck! 
Staying physically active is certainly important for remaining healthy. However, it is also essential that we keep ourselves mentally healthy too. As we approach the end of the school year, now is a great time to recognise our own achievements and spend some time reflecting on who we are, what we like / enjoy and what makes us different from others (which is definitely a good thing!). 

Using the mindmap below as an example, think about what it means to be you. Your family, friends, hobbies, where you live, your school etc... 

If you're feeling creative, why not use a range of art skills too?! yes

Thinking positively and remaining upbeat when things are tricky helps us stay mentally healthy. Throughout the week, how many different skills can you think of that you have accomplished, felt proud about or surprised yourself with. Make a record and remember to share these positive thoughts with family members, loved ones and friends too smiley
Round up your week, the lockdown period or even the whole school year by thinking about a range of achievements. These could be linked to specific subjects from school e.g. Maths or English learning. Or, these achievements could be linked to your hobbies or any recent activities you have completed. Just because something may seem small to you, it is still an achievement. You can always find successes in the things you do.