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Tuesday 24th November


Guided Comprehension 

Reading chapter 5 of The Road to Freedom on Active Learn.

Think about the following questions - 

What is the Underground Railroad?

Why does the woman risk so much to help the slaves?

Are the slave catchers' actions wrong?


We are holding a science fair when we return to school on Thursday.  You have Tuesday and Wednesday to write a question that you wish to investigate based on your knowledge of forces.  Plan and undertake the investigation.  Plan to display your results and conclusion. 


You can present your results and conclusion using paper and pen or technology.   


There will be prizes for the most interesting investigations.  


Stuck for a question to investigate?

  • Does the diameter of the ball affect the speed it falls?
  • Does the size of a toy cars wheels affect the distance it will travelled when pushed?
  • Does the thickness of paper used to make a paper airplane affect distance travelled?
  • What material is the best to slide an object across?