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Rites of passage

End of a chapter

As the end of year 6 approaches, just like at the end of anything, it is often a great opportunity to reflect and celebrate.


Letter to Year 5

In order to pass on the 'oldest in the school' status, the Year 6 children will welcome our upcoming Year 6's by writing a supportive letter explaining key expectations and responsibilities. 

Please see the Powerpoint below for ideas about your letter – email it back to your class teacher

Year 6 awards

Numerous categories have been carefully selected and will be voted for by the Year 6's themselves. Who is the sportiest? Who will become a famous actor? Which pupil has been the most helpful? 

Please complete the awards list using friends and peers who you think should receive the awards.

You don’t have to fill all the gaps in. Please email back to your class teacher.

The final quiz

You have completed lots and lots of learning whilst in primary school. Try to recall the key learning from each subject to create a multiple choice quiz – you may be surprised just how much you know!


Millfield memories

As well as the leavers book, Millfield memories will capture individual memories from our Year 6 children. Some of these may be recent, others may be from years ago. All will have stuck in their mind for many different reasons. We can't wait to hear these!

Email your class teacher any personal memories of your time at primary school.

 Leavers book

This book will be a keepsake of important details and memories from their primary years. It will also contain messages from friends. A great way to look back in years to come!