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Ragbank Clothes Recycling Project

Thank you to everyone who has been helping to raise funds for our School by putting unwanted textiles into our Ragbank.  


By recycling your unwanted textiles you will be helping the environment and  helping to raise funds for your school.  You can put in any type of clothing, shoes, handbags, belts, household linen and books.  None of these items (except books) are suitable for your green lidded recycling bin, so the Ragbank is a convenient way of recycling items that could otherwise end up as landfill.


The Ragbank is situated just inside the gate to the School Staff Car Park and can be used by parents and the wider community.


We receive a payment every time the Ragbank is emptied.  The amount received is based on the weight collected, so please spread the word and try to encourage friends and family to use the Ragbank too.  Last year the Ragbank raised over £600!


Thank you for your support.