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Whilst learning from home continues, there are many great websites and music service providers who are uploading resources for children to access from home.


Singup have created a 'Song of the week' page which allows children to learn a new song alongside providing fun activities that can be completed to explore the music in more detail. We would love it if our children attempted to learn the new songs each week as it would provide a sense of community and that idea that no matter where we are, we are still all singing together. Any photos or videos of the children learning and singing the song would be greatly received and with permission could be uploaded onto the website to share with others.


Collins are also providing music resources that can be accessed for free including their children's song bank. With over 400 songs for the children to access this should keep our budding musicians busy!


Ten pieces are providing weekly activities that allow the children to watch musical clips and complete linked activities. They are aiming to provide fun opportunities for children to continue to listen to, enjoy and make music whilst learning from home.