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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Ask Questions


Are all the children coming back?

No, only the children who are in reception (Barley), year 1 (Wheat), year 6 (Lancaster and part of Hawk).  Those children who are in Priority Group (the children of Key Workers and are vulnerable) will continue to come as and when they need to.


My child is in the correct year group, do they have to come back?

No, while we have made lots of changes to ensure we fit with the government guidance, you are not forced to send your child back.  Please let us know that they are not coming back and whether they might be back before the end of the term or you're waiting until September.  


Can I pick my child up at lunchtime?

As we are trying to ensure that we all practice social distancing rules, we have reduced the number of staff in school (ensuring ratios for safeguarding and needs are met).  It would really help us if the children could complete full days so that we aren’t taking adults away from their place of need.


Can I pick up my child at a different time to the allot pick up time?

No unfortunately we need to reduce the number of adults and children around school at the beginning and end of the day.


Can I wear a face mask?

At the moment, the government guidance states that adults and children in school “wearing a face covering or face mask in schools or other education settings is not recommended. Face coverings may be beneficial for short periods indoors where there is a risk of close social contact with people you do not usually meet and where social distancing and other measures cannot be maintained, for example on public transport or in some shops.”  We are continuing to use the range of measures outlined such as handwashing, continued cleaning, social distancing, etc.  Should the advice change then we will adapt our practice?  Should an adult or child wish to wear a mask, we aren’t going to stop them however we would need some guarantees around when they are wearing their mask and where it will be stored when it is not worn.  Staff will not be helping children secure their mask.  The full guidance can be found here -


Will all parents know there has been a positive test result in school?

As outlined in the protocol for anyone displaying symptoms, if a child displays symptoms within the learning group all of the parents of child in the learning group will receive a notification that someone in the group is demonstrating symptoms.  Once the child is tested and the test is positive, parents will receive a second notification tell them to isolate their child for 14 days.  This is outline in the government guidance which can be found -  We will not inform all parents that there has been a child or adult demonstrating symptoms however we will let parents know if there has been a positive test result for someone in a different learning group.  


How many adults can pick a child up from school?

It would really help to reduce the number of adults and children around school if only one parent collects and drops off. 


My child’s school uniform doesn’t fit any more, should I go out and buy any more?

No it’s not worth it.  Try to keep to the colours and styles.  It’s okay for them to wear trainers / none school shoes during the coming half-term.