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Sports Fun Fortnight

 The children at Millfield Academy have been enjoying “ADDED EXTRAS” to their usual Weekly Sporting Calendar, following on from Sport Relief on 21st March.
It all kicked off with a Whole School Skipping Workshop with Dan from “Skipping Worksop”. The children have since been enjoying their new speed ropes and French Skipping elastics at both lunch and break times.
Since then the Year 1/2 children have been dancing to Disney and the year 3/4 children have been dancing to Mamma Mia with Lucy.
The Year 3/4 and 5/6 children have been practising their Gymnastic skills with Mr Saunders.
The Reception Children have been learning all about balance and control with Synergy.
The students from Branston Community Academy provided the Year 1/2 children with a super morning of Multi Skills, whilst the Year 5/6 children have been learning Cricket skills with them.
All this on top of the usual Synergy sessions means that the children have all had fun and been extremely active.
Many thanks to all the coaches and students involve in making it a super fun fortnight for our children and we hope to repeat it all again in the future.
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