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Mathematics, Business and Enterprise

We love our Maths! We use lots of engaging and exciting resources and modern technology to bring our mathematics learning to life. Our lessons provide children with the challenge and problem solving skills they need to prepare them for the future.  We are taking our maths learning outside the classroom and into our amazing environment.

We are also linking our Maths learning to Business and Enterprise.  We run projects that enable us to learn about profit, stock, costings, pricing and other real life skills.
Picture 1 Averaging Data at Rocket Scientists Club
Picture 2 Y3/4 E.B.P. Day
Picture 3 Y3/4 E.B.P. Day
Picture 4 Maths High Flyers
Picture 5 Maths High Flyers
Picture 6 5/6 B and E
Picture 7 5/6 B and E
Picture 8 Maths learning in Y3/4
Picture 9 Tuckshop
Picture 10 Tuckshop
Picture 11 Maths Morning 2016
Picture 12 Maths Morning 2016