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Kelly’s Anger over ‘Disgraceful’ tackle

Last month, Sunderland’s defender, Abby Holmes was sent off after a scything tackle on Arsenal’s Ladies striker Kelly Smith. The 36-year-old England international suffered badly damaged knee ligaments and will be out for 3 to 4 months.
Soon after the injury she spoke about Abby Holmes, “She’s clearly not good enough to be playing at this level.”
The Arsenal player-coach added: “Those types of tackles end careers.”
Kelly is still very upset. Yesterday she tweeted:
“I’ve kept quiet about my injury over the past three weeks but the time is right now for me to talk about it and the tackle that means that as I write this I am sitting at home with my right leg in a plaster cast after my three torn ligaments were operated on two days ago. The operation went well and, after two weeks in plaster, then longer in a boot and then a process of rehab, I hope to be fully fit in three to four months’ time.
“I have thought about what to say about this tackle but there is no hiding the fact: the tackle was malicious and designed to do one thing only – to do serious damage. I have watched the tackle twice since on video so this isn’t an emotional verdict. It was a disgraceful tackle and one fully intended to hurt me. I have had a lot of reaction from both my team mates and others in the game and the verdict is the same: Holmes shouldn’t be playing in this league.”
Kelly is a highly experienced England international and also starred at the Olympics. She has scored a record-breaking 46 goals in 117 games but has had more than her fair share of injuries.
Made an MBE in 2008, she has featured in the top five of the FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year rankings four times in her career.

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